I believe that it is important for every individual to have someone whom you can look up to, like a role model, an inspiring person, a hero.

I’m sure we all remember our heroes from young, be it Spider-man, Ninja turtles, Power rangers, your mom/dad etc. As we grow older, who our heroes are changes as well. In my opinion, it is especially important for creatives to have their heroes. A person or people who inspires you, make you grow creatively and as a person, and you’re lucky if your hero is someone you know personally.

Here’s 3 of my heroes, though i’m definitely nowhere as good as they are (for now), their works have inspired me ever since i chanced upon them.  Thanks to the internet, they would otherwise be unknown to me.

Craig Ward Art Director, Typographer (http://www.wordsarepictures.co.uk/)

I’ve been amazed by Craig Ward’s typography works ever since i saw them. Do a google image search and you’ll know what i mean. His typography pieces, are not your usual all-done-on-the-computer typography. They are usually worked on/with a variety of mediums.

For example, one of his more notable works. The white type on this piece of work, was glued onto the wall and painted , the red ones were later added digitally.

Another one is a cover for an old issue of Computer Arts Projects. The type is printed on sheets of glass, and then smashed with i-forgot-what and image taken with high speed camera. Just plain awesome. Sure, things like that would’ve been possible with heavy photoshopping, but nothing beats getting your hands dirty.


Shauna Haider aka Nubby Twiglet Freelance Graphic Designer (http://nubbytwiglet.com/)

Read Nubby Twiglet’s blog for about a year before i stopped. (will make it a habit to start reading again) She’s a successful freelancer graphic designer and gives wonderful tips on managing your own freelance business, which i have been doing, but much less successful.

Her works are great with distinctive style and consistency.


Jessica Hische Designer, Typographer, Illustrator, Letterer (http://jessicahische.is)

Recently discovered Jessica Hische’s works and was drawn to her beautifully hand drawn type. Exquisite would be a good word to describe them and her type projects are simply a pleasure to browse.

I’m still working hard towards being as good, if not better than my heroes. I’ll get there one day (:


One more hero  Web/Graphic Designer, Aspiring Photographer, Make-up Artist

This person is none other than moo. We were strangers just a little more than 2 months back and by sheer luck, we connected, from about 2000+km apart. It’s a short period that we knew each other and i felt i’ve already grown as a person. I’m sure there are much more i can learn from moo.

So who are your heroes?