Beautiful blossoms.

Japan, always on the top of my travel list and finally made a trip early in April this year, which happens to be Sakura (cherry blossom) season.

Destination was Tokyo, and i stayed for 8 days. It was amazing.

Views like this, been seen in person.

Just a couple of cats scheming against puny humans.

Obligatory close-up of the beautiful flowers.

photo credits : tiger@tigermoo

The sakura trees really are everywhere. If you enjoy the crowd, the parks are definitely a must-go. It’s just so packed with people and the festive mood is really good. For people who prefer a quiet and peaceful view of the trees, most neighborhoods have then scattered around as well. There was a park near the inn i stayed, which had a few trees in full bloom during the time i was there and they was just awesome.

Though Tokyo is extremely crowded and busy, it is still possible to find little peaceful spots if you look. (: