Hong Kong

Woahhhh. Been awhile since we blogged! Both moo and i have been very busy of late. Hope everyone who reads our blog are fine!

Anyways, i made a trip to Hong Kong during the end of June for a visit and to eat, shop and take pictures!

Hong Kong is an absolutely beautiful place, packed with both old, rustic buildings and shops, to new, modern ones. There are also places with great scenery, some of which i’ve yet to go so i’ll definitely be back for more. The food in Hong Kong is awesome. Egg tarts, custard buns, roasted pork (char siew!), milk tea and the list just goes on!

The shopping places are pretty great too. You have a building dedicated to fashionable male clothes, another for toys, another for all things camera and a whole street filled with endless shops. I bought tons of clothes (very affordable, but make sure to check all the shops before deciding on your purchase, it’s easy to find another shop selling cheaper ones!), some toys and a 2nd hand yashica lens! (i kept the name card of the shop that i gotten the lens from, drop me a note if you’re interested to know where it is)

If big, expensive brands are your thing, Hong Kong has no lack of huge malls that pack boutiques from the top brands.

Hanging signs everywhere

An old printing shop.

Granny posing.


Sai Kung Public Pier


Empty train

All images are property of tigermoo and taken with a Panasonic GF-1, 20mm f1.7 lens.

All in all, Hong Kong is so many things wrapped into one and it should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Am already missing the place (and food!)