Sawadee Bangkok

Just over Christmas 2012, Moo and i went to Bangkok for the very first time. A place bustling with activities everywhere. All the friendly Thais, pushy tuk-tuk drivers, random street food, shiny palace, old temples etc.

Though we missed the “must-go” Chatuchak market, we lived near the smaller Pratunam market and boy, it’s shopping haven for all the ladies out there. Though it was a short trip and we didn’t have time for a couple of other places we initially planned to go, it was pretty enjoyable. We agreed that we’ll definitely be back for more.

Here’s some of the pictures we took.

statue in grand palace

A statue we saw in the Grand Palace. Moo thinks it looks like Willy Wonka with the funky hat n all.

by the river

Sunset as we waited for our boat.

wat arun

The famous Wat Arun, Temple of Dawn.

tuk tuk

Tuk-tuk. It’s basically taxi in the olden days. (remember to bargain the pricing that the drivers quote.)

photocredits: Top 4 images ( moo@tigermoo ) Bottom 4 images ( tiger@tigermoo)

sky on a certain day

Random sky shot.

ankor wat

Angkor Wat statue.

gold ornaments

Shiny things in the Grand Palace.

wat arun stairs

Looking down after climbing some very, very, VERY steep flight of stairs.