House Pets…love and hate

House Pets…love and hate

Do you own pets? I do, I have a rabbit named Daryl. I love his spots, his markings, his cute face, his yawn, his paws, his glowing eyes, his little tail, his hop hop hop, his binkies, his ears, love when he accompanies me while watching television, love when he sleeps with us on the bed, love his munching hay face, love his everything!


I don’t like his fur flying around when he is shedding, don’t like when he tries to escape when we hold him, don’t like his angry face when we groom him, don’t like his but getting dirty, and absolutely don’t like his eating manners!


Despite of all those “don’t-likes”, we still love him! We will not abandon him; because we have made a clear statement that having a pet is a lifetime, not our lifetime, but theirs. You wouldn’t abandon your kid when they are crying and screaming and poo-ing and charging, right? Why would you want to abandon your pet when they are causing troubles?

What people think about house pets

To “some” (we are talking about having around 1,000 abandoned pets each year in Singapore) pet owners, a pet is cute and fluffy and will always play with you. Hello? They are not cartoon characters! They poo, they charge, they growl, they eat, they get sick, they get scared, and they are not always happy. You have you understand them and let them have trust in you.

We have seen too many ridiculous reasons for abandoning rabbits:

My friend has 12 rabbits with her now and would like to give away 9 of them but all these 9 rabbits must be landing in a good home. Understanding that she is adopting  a dog thus she is giving away 9 of the rabbits. (From HRSS)

We have 4 months old rabbit recently purchased. We are migrating to other country and would like to re-home my rabbit. Please advise and help. We are leaving Singpaore this week. (From HRSS)

One of my friend wants to give away her long-haired rabbit due to high maintenance. Is it possible to have your contacts so that she can contact you directly? Or do you have other resources/organizations that she can get help from? (From HRSS)

I’m feeling very bad to tell you that i have to surrender “Rabbit A” and “Rabbit B” to BW. “Dog” vomited with blood stain today. (Apparently she claimed that her dog has intake to much rabbit fur) (From Bunny Wonderland)

What is this nonsense?

If you know you are leaving your country, why do you still buy pets? If you know you have allergy, why do you still buy pets? Do you think it’s fun? Have you consider how much time and effort do you need to spend on a pet before getting one? Obviously NOT! These irresponsible pet owners are the source of dumped and abandoned pets in Singapore. We can find them in parks, dust bins, trash area, in the neighborhood….

The Good People

However, there are still good people OUT THERE! Local rescue organizations as well as SPCA rescues, heal, and find good homes for them (adoption). There are kind souls who rescue abandoned rabbits, cats and dogs in neighborhoods. These organizations and volunteers provide the rescued animals with shelter, food and lots of love to nurse them back to health and put them up for adoption. But all these rescue missions require lots of time, effort and costs. Without financial help, these organizations and volunteers can only do so much.

Our Mission

Our goal is to donate 30% of our proceeds to non-profit organizations dedicated to rescuing animals, enabling these organizations to continue their work and spread their love for animals. We carefully choose who we donate to and hope that you will appreciate our designs and products, thus fueling our enthusiasm to produce more products and help more animals.

About Abella

The reason I founded Abella Couture & Accessories is to let people aware of animal cruelty as well as animal adoption. We make products to raise funds to help abandoned animals and non-profit organizations. We think that carrying a product with an an animal theme will make us realize how wonderful animals are and they shouldn’t be abandoned. Once you own them, they are yours forever, their forever.

We insists that our products contain no fur, skin, nor leather. 30% of our proceeds will be donated to

1) House Rabbit Society of Singapore (HRSS),

2) Bunny Wonderland Singapore, and

3) Cat Welfare Society

Our products include: iPhone mobile cases, Samsung Note 3 phone cases, Samsung S4 phone case, Pencil Rolls, Stationery products, tote bags, and Household products. We are continuously developing more cute products!

Adopt Don't Shop

Adopt Don’t Shop