Tote Bags For Animal Lovers and Vegans

Are you an animal lover?
Are you a vegetarian or vegan?
Or do you want to express our animals’ feelings?

Vegan bag, Animals are not meals, animals are not food

We have created this tote bag with this message “We are not meals” to bring awareness. We know many of you may disagree to this; but we are just speaking for our animals.
From design to the final product, all processes are with our own hands – design, stenciling, sew, and print with fabric ink. We are happy of the result and hope our message will touch somebody’s heart.

Vegan bag, Animals are not meals, animals are not food

This is the first design of “We Are Not…” tote bag collection for Vegans and Animal Lovers. Please stay tune for our upcoming designs! You can follow us on Instagram or Twitter @abella_couture for our latest products and drawings.
30% of our proceeds will be donated to help organizations and animal rescue groups. Products are priced such that they factor in material costs and man-hours used to produce them. Donation is purely goodwill from us and it is not added in when we price our products. Our products contain no fur, no leather and no skin.
We are located in Singapore. Up to date, we have donated to House Rabbit Society USA and Singapore, Bunny Wonderland Singapore, Cat Welfare Society, Causes for Animals SG as well as local community cat feeders.
We hope you like what we are doing to help animals. If you would like to support us, you can order our bag on Etsy. Feel free to browse our products list!
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From Abella Couture & Accessories team