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Tote Bags For Animal Lovers and Vegans

Are you an animal lover? Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Or do you want to express our animals’ feelings? We have created this tote bag with this message “We are not meals”… Continue reading

Fabric phone cases for people who have sweaty palms

Sweaty Palms – An irritating fact Sweaty palms, also as known as  hyperhidrosis, is a symptom where there is excessive sweat on your palms to the point it will drip down. This causes uneasiness… Continue reading

Recycle Your Old Phone Cases for a Good Cause

Recycle your old phone cases for a good cause today! Do you have old phone cases that you do not use anymore? Does your old phone cases take up your storage space? Do… Continue reading

Cute Handmade tote bags with an animal theme

Abella Couture & Accessories They recently launched these cute handmade tote bags with rabbits, cats, and dogs. You can have the designs in tote bags or drawstring bags. They are light for travel… Continue reading

House Pets…love and hate

House Pets…love and hate Do you own pets? I do, I have a rabbit named Daryl. I love his spots, his markings, his cute face, his yawn, his paws, his glowing eyes, his little… Continue reading

Impressive Indoor Wedding Studio – myAFFECTION – 25,000 sq. ft. Wedding Wonderland

25,000 sq. ft. Wedding Wonderland When I walk into this store, my first impression was – WOW! Jaw dropped.  It’s like entering a circus, a wonderland. The horses are greeting me, the coffee… Continue reading


I just wanted to post this. Being able to have a field of focus, a craft, really is amazing. and working hands-on, feeling the material you work with, is definitely a bliss. -tiger

Makeup inspirations

Face Canvas I always like makeup and techniques on how to make a facial feature stand out more. But recently, I fell in love with effects & stage makeup. Here are some makeup… Continue reading

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts, Class of 2012

Chanced upon this speech by writer Neil Gaiman. Very inspirational and relevant to people in any art related field. and, a venn diagram on his advice on freelancing. (image taken from here.) -tiger


I believe that it is important for every individual to have someone whom you can look up to, like a role model, an inspiring person, a hero. I’m sure we all remember our… Continue reading