If you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Android system and haven’t already download this app. DO. IT. NOW! Snapseed is a photo editing app available on the above mentioned devices. The amount of… Continue reading

Sawadee Bangkok

Just over Christmas 2012, Moo and i went to Bangkok for the very first time. A place bustling with activities everywhere. All the friendly Thais, pushy tuk-tuk drivers, random street food, shiny palace,… Continue reading

Impressive Indoor Wedding Studio – myAFFECTION – 25,000 sq. ft. Wedding Wonderland

25,000 sq. ft. Wedding Wonderland When I walk into this store, my first impression was – WOW! Jaw dropped.  It’s like entering a circus, a wonderland. The horses are greeting me, the coffee… Continue reading

Charging my phone with Sony Tablet S!

My flight to Singapore was delayed and my phone battery cannot last that long. What I have is a usb cable charger…..what to do???? Luckily I have my Sony Tablet S with me… Continue reading

Enchanted Garden

I was retouching the photo that I took at Gardens by the Bay Singapore (the flowers) and realized that the composition of the photo can be used as background. Then I got the… Continue reading

Hong Kong

Woahhhh. Been awhile since we blogged! Both moo and i have been very busy of late. Hope everyone who reads our blog are fine! Anyways, i made a trip to Hong Kong during… Continue reading

Old Hong Kong in 50’s-70’s

It’s been a while I haven’t went to Ocean Park (Hong Kong) and back in Feb-March 2012, they opened a themed area: Old Hong Kong in the 50’s-70’s. You can see the decorations… Continue reading

The Beauty of Plushies

I admit that I’m still a kid: I like plush toys and  act voices. They are just important and meaningful to me. Whenever I’m sad, they will be there for me. Whenever I’m… Continue reading


I just wanted to post this. Being able to have a field of focus, a craft, really is amazing. and working hands-on, feeling the material you work with, is definitely a bliss. -tiger

Makeup inspirations

Face Canvas I always like makeup and techniques on how to make a facial feature stand out more. But recently, I fell in love with effects & stage makeup. Here are some makeup… Continue reading