Cry of Death (inspired by Dark Shadows movie)

I had a photoshoot back in mid May, helping a friend for his photography course. I had a crying tears concept and did my own makeup. I wanted to do something special to… Continue reading

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts, Class of 2012

Chanced upon this speech by writer Neil Gaiman. Very inspirational and relevant to people in any art related field. and, a venn diagram on his advice on freelancing. (image taken from here.) -tiger

Beautiful blossoms.

Japan, always on the top of my travel list and finally made a trip early in April this year, which happens to be Sakura (cherry blossom) season. Destination was Tokyo, and i stayed… Continue reading

The Wedding Dress

I was thinking how to do an eye-catching wedding dress photo display so that readers will stop and stare for just a while for our company. This photo was taken by Charles Cheung,… Continue reading

Got Electrocuted

I suddenly wanted to do digital artwork! I took my photo of jellyfish taken at Singapore Underwater World and played with it (: Copyright 2012, photo by Ave – – moo

Quickly convert CMYK to Pantone in Illustrator

Pantone to CMYK is just easy, right? You just select the Pantone color > Edit > Edit Colors > Convert to CMYK . Tada! You got your CMYK! But how about the other… Continue reading


I believe that it is important for every individual to have someone whom you can look up to, like a role model, an inspiring person, a hero. I’m sure we all remember our… Continue reading

Moo in Singapore

Singapore, a really good place to boost up your creativity! I went there in early April and another time in end of April for my birthday. I really felt in LOVE. Other than… Continue reading


The very first post of tigermoo! tigermoo is run by two individuals, me (tiger), and moo, as a means of archiving inspirations we come across, sharing random words of wisdom (or maybe just… Continue reading